Our Customers Speak for themselves

Here are just some of the testimonials we've received.


"In Kentucky, our winter weather varies as much as 60 degrees in a single day. One less thing to worry about: our "Kentucky" blue fleece coats from Calf Cozy take care of the temperature of our calves.  A good rule of thumb for using the calf coats: if it is cool enough for you to wear a coat, it is for them too! I have about 400 of these coats and have saved almost every calf since using them. They are washable and stay on the calf very well. Thanks for such a wonderful product and the piece of mind."     - Denise Robey, Robey Dairy, (largest dairy in the State of Kentucky).


"Love how you can machine-wash them, and use them as if they were brand new as they are very durable. Most calf covers are water-proof, but Calf Cozy's are nice as they are breathable, keeping calves healthy. The calves look really comfortable with the warmth of these blankets. With how they are designed, it's easy to put them on the calves." - comments from farmers' wives, via Tokachi Chikusan Boeki company, Japan.

"I endorse this product 100%. We're using it on all our calves. They seem to be more comfortable ... and grow better. They go into the weaned pen with good body weight and flesh ... I really like that the blankets are washable and reusable." ...Douglas Watkin, Herd Superintendent, University of Vermont Farm, VT


"We see less scours with blanket use. A plus is the consistent temperature (the blankets provide) for the claves. It's a positive factor to have them eating and using their energy towards growth. When weaned the blanketed calves look and are healthier." ...Allen C. Noble, Herdsman, Russell Farm, Starksboro, VT


"Your blanket is a very good product. We have avoided many health problems in calves with the extra warmth and comfort your blanket provides. They are soft and pliable and fit newborn calves comfortably without skin irritation. I'd never go back to not using blankets." ...Sally Goodrich, Molly Brook Farms, Danville, VT


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